Welcome to our resource page for vendors and buyers! We keep this list up-to-date with access to information we think you’ll find useful.

What will I find here?
The organizations referenced here provide things like nutrition information, articles on how to source free and low-cost materials for farmers, and the latest in food safety regulations, as well as access to food affordability programs like SNAP and Double-up.

How can I use these resources?
We encourage both vendors and buyers to utilize these resources. Whether looking to ensure compliance with food safety standards before applying to become a vendor or finding details about upcoming farmer’s market events to bring your family to, you’ll find it here.

As part of our mission to provide our community with nourishing and affordable local food options, we have partnered with both SNAP and Double-Up to make market shopping more achievable for all. These programs offer families from lower income circumstances the opportunity to use EBT/SNAP benefits to purchase fresh food from our market. Apply for the SNAP program here.

Get information on Nourish Knoxville’s Double-Up program here.

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