Our Team

Meet our team! Our board members, all who are or have been Union County vendors themselves, have shaped our vision of a community committed to the future and sustainability of local farms and agricultural commerce. Both our board members and our advisors work tirelessly to ensure that our market is up-to-date on all state and county food regulations, that we’re showcasing the best quality vendors, and that our neighborhood stays aware of and connected to their local food providers. We thank them for their commitment to our market, and look forward to expanding our staff team as our market grows.


President Donna Riddle
Vice President Tony Mowery
Secretary Amy Masterson
Co-treasurers Mary Ivancovich & Marjorie Ford

Members at Large
Dana Simerly
Patrick Hurley
Tammie Hill

Market Staff

Market Manager Jody Day Smith
Assistant Manager Ashley Draper


UT Extension Agriculture Agent Shannon DeWitt
UT Extension Program Assistant Beth Bergeron