About the Union County Farmers Market

Promoting local agriculture by connecting the community to seasonal foods and artisan goods sinceĀ 2011.

Committed to Community Health
We nourish our neighborhood by offering farm-grown foods at reasonable prices. Our desire is to cultivate healthy communities by connecting farmers to consumers, and to build a sustainable model for buying affordable farm-grown produce and meats. As part of this vision, we accept SNAP/EBT benefits and double your SNAP/EBT purchase up to $20 for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Inspired by Local Artistry
From live bluegrass music to hand-crafted goods, we emphasize and empower community artists by offering them a space to share their creations, while celebrating our unique culture and heritage. By buying local, we invest in the preservation of East Tennessee artistry and contribute to a resilient economy which can thrive despite what may come.

Invested in Future Farmers
We proudly champion a new generation of local farmers by educating and showcasing youth vendors. We offer a platform each week for young farmers to provide agricultural education to their community and to gain experience as participants in the agricultural commerce process. Our goal is to see the next generation of farmers grow and adapt the storied tradition of small farming for a new and broader context.

Looking Ahead
We opened in 2011 with a mission not only aimed at connecting farmers and consumers, but to become part of the heartbeat of our community. After some years at our Wilson Park location, we were fortunate enough to see a rapid growth in interest which catalyzed a relocation to the new Pavilion site, which we are thrilled to announce will be opening in Spring 2021, 10 years from our opening year!